12/27/20 : Cybersecurity: The illusion of the privacy, security, and confidentiality of web transactions

The illusion of the Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality of web transactions: Before you click “Send”, you should know this information

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Is your coffee maker or other smart appliance listening in on what you say without your knowing it? To be sure, the pandemic has emboldened the hackers and cyber criminals. With more nodes and modes of attack, we are under increased threat of ‘getting hit.” To be secure online, we all have to reexamine our “devices” to get them as robust as they should be.

Presented as a workshop, the Tower Forum  program looks to share what you and your business can do to be more secure operating online and learn how to identify:  

  • Traps that invite fraud. 
  • What information you should and shouldn’t share, even with legitimate businesses.
  • Emails that appear legit, but are requesting information that shouldn’t be divulged.
  • How do the bad guys get your information? What can be done to avoid it?
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