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Tower Forum, an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization founded by Broward County business and civic leaders in 1976, hosts thought-provoking forums featuring national and local experts addressing, debating and discussing current headline issues ranging from government, business and the economy to the arts, education and sports.

Every first Thursday of the month from October through June, an exciting and dynamic group of businesspeople and professionals meets to learn and discuss.

Letter From The President

Gerry Angeli

Stirling Operations

Welcome to your Tower Forum, the preeminent networking, discussion, and debate organization in the area.  We are committed to bringing interesting, current topics and problems awaiting solutions into the foreground of our minds.  In so doing we can not only get a better understanding of what is happening in our world but also what we might do as business and community leaders to help solve the problems and improve our community.

We endeavor to bring forward 9 stimulating, enlightening in-person discussions over the course of this year. The last several years have been rough; and there is much more work to understand and do.  Challenging times ahead require education, commitment and action.

Thanks for being a member and for inviting others to join us.

Gerry Angeli
President, Tower Forum 2022-2023

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