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Civil Discourse: Why It's Disappearing and Its Impact on Voters

What is happening to civil conversations?

For our final breakfast of the season, the Tower Forum presents a formal debate about civil discourse, why it is disappearing and its impact on the voters. We are excited that two of our favorites, Ed Pozzuoli and Mitch Caesar will be at it again. What a great way to wrap up this season’s dynamic line-up of programs. Come and join us as we meet and exchange salutations with our members before the summer’s hiatus.

We welcome you to be present for this Tower Forum discussion.

Ed Pozzuoli

CEO Tripp Scott

Mitch Ceasar

Attorney and Former Democratic Chairman of Florida and Broward County

Ellyn Bogdanoff

Becker Lawyers

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*Please note that participants subject to change.

Ed Pozzuoli

Edward J. Pozzuoli, a Martindale Hubble-rated AV lawyer, is the chief executive officer of Tripp Scott. He is an accomplished litigator and negotiator and has extensive experience handling state, county and local governmental issues. Pozzuoli is nationally recognized as a legal expert in charter and educational law with a particular emphasis on constitutional and government litigation, administrative law, and election law. He also works with municipalities and businesses that are impacted by public-policy issues outside of the charter school arena. Among his notable cases are the 2002 reapportionment voters’ rights litigation, in which he represented the Florida Senate and the 2000 presidential recount litigation, in which he was a member of the Bush/Cheney legal team. He continues to represent the Republican Party in key election law cases. His political involvement includes serving as co-chair of Jeb Bush for Governor Campaign 2002 and the regional chair for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Campaign. He was appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis to serve on the Florida Virtual School Board of Trustees, and he was appointed by Sen. Marco Rubio in 2016 and 2021 to serve on the Judicial Advisory Committee (JAC) for the Southern District.

Mitch Ceasar

Ellyn Bogdanoff

Senator Bogdanoff joined the firm Becker and Poliakoff after serving over six years as a Member of the Florida House of Representatives and two years as a Florida State Senator. She also has over 30 years in the business sector, owning her first insurance business by the age of 21 and, after 16 years, setting her interest in her company. In 1997, she opened a corporate and local government consulting firm. Senator Bogdanoff later attended law school, graduating in 2003. She began her legal career as a litigator and is currently a Certified Circuit Civil and Family Mediator. After leaving public office in 2012, Senator Bogdanoff expanded her practice to include government consulting in Tallahassee. Her knowledge, experience, and access to key decision makers are extremely valuable to her clients. She has received numerous awards for various group and state associations including the Women’s Circle of Excellence, Women’s Chamber of Commerce 1998, Youth Law Center 2000 For Child Advocacy, Women—Owned Business Award, 2001 — The Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Annual Salute to Business Awards, Broward Partnership for the Homeless Legislative Advocacy Award 2006, and Florida’s Children First Recognition in 2006, among many others.

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