CEO Roundtable: How can we reinvent ourselves Post-Covid19?

11/19/20 CEO Roundtable: How can we reinvent ourselves Post-Covid19? 

Video 11/19/20 – click here

Clark Leadership Consulting’s 10 CEO Roundtable members candidly discuss directly how the pandemic is impacting their market segment: how they are changing their companies, what new jobs they are going to develop, where they are going to find their talent, and how it’s going to impact you.

Dick shares his own family’s pain yet inspires people to expect better days ahead.

  1. What happens post-COVID19? How has the virtual world impacted what to expect? How do we manage adoption and adaptation? How is Education being reimagined?
  2. Let’s abide by the CDC Guidelines, take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves, families, and our loved ones, as we pray for a vaccine that will let us move forward.