04/01/21 – Broward County Extraordinary Global Hub of Marine Science Education

Broward County extraordinary global hub of Marine Science Education

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With the support of over a dozen partners in the public and private sectors, the marine sciences are well established in projects encompassing elementary education through graduate research studies. Leading with Nova Southeastern University’s Guy Harvey Oceanographic Institute, the innovative concept of Wahoo Bay, together with the Mission Resolve Foundation, and other Conservation and Educational initiatives, have collaborated to produce a regional, national, and worldwide focus for the Marine Sciences, from educational activity to career development. Learn what unique opportunities are being made available to explore the values and reap the benefits of this often-ignored valuable Florida resource: the ocean.


Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos– Dr. Rhode-Barbarigos is on the faculty at University of Miami, Dep’t, of Ocean Sciences & the School of Architecture.

Rob Wyre – Rob Wyre is Chairman of Shipwreck Park Pompano Beach.  He is a founding member of the Not for Profit Corporation created in 2015.

Guy Harvey –  Dr. Harvey is a world-renowned figure in ocean ecology and research, in addition to having forged a stellar reputation in the art world. From Professor of Biology to a Wildlife Artist and Photographer, Guy has earned high honors in Marine Biology up through obtaining his Doctorate in Fisheries Management. He has established centers in Ocean Biology, Marine Research, and other institutes world-wide.

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