01/07/21 : Vaccines: not a silver bullet!

Vaccines: not a silver bullet!

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Though their credibility and efficacy are well-supported by the scientific community, why is it critical that we still engage in COVID19-preventive measures? Engage in a direct, highly-informative discussion designed to answer your concerns.

Dr. Dave Lacknauth

Dr. Dave Lacknauth is Broward Health’s Executive Director of Pharmacy. With nearly 20 years of pharmacy leadership experience. Lacknauth is responsible for strategic direction, financial and clinical outcomes, and marketing and program refinement with oversight and integration for Broward Health’s five acute care hospitals and 10 outpatient clinics.  He is is an active leader in the Pharmaceutical profession, both nationally and regionally.

C. Kenneth Hetlage, FACHE

C. Kennon Hetlage, FACHE, is the Executive Vice President of the Memorial Healthcare System. For over 14 years, he had served as CEO of a number of Memorial hospitals. Since its inception in 1953, Memorial Healthcare System has been a leader in providing high-quality healthcare services to South Florida residents

For comprehensive source material regarding vaccines, click here to a W.H.O. series of articles

  1. Part one explains how vaccines work to protect our bodies from disease-carrying germs. 
  2. Part two is focused on the ingredients in a vaccine and the three clinical trial phases.  
  3. Part three outlines the steps from completing the clinical trial phases through to distribution.

January webinar sponsored by Broward Health and Memorial Healthcare System

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