01/10/19 : Why Aren’t College Degrees necessary to achieve the American Dream?

Why aren’t  college/university degrees necessary for achieving the American Dream?

Contrary to the generally-held belief that college degrees are the sine qua non requirement for “success” in the workforce, many don’t need them. Times have changed.

There are currently about 3 million “skilled labor” jobs nationwide where the labor supply for young, skilled workers  is not only very low, but the demand is very high – jobs where talented workers can be making $100,000 per year or more by age 30.

There is a growing trend of people who are pursuing a high skill, high wage, high demand career without a significant investment of time and money, the norm for the college experience.

Discuss with our panel of experts from industry, business, workforce development and education how viable and less costly paths are becoming more popular.


Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford, involved in Workforce Education for 46 years, is the Director of Atlantic Technical College and Technical High School, one of three Technical Colleges operated by the School Board of Broward County, Florida, with an enrollment of over 6500 post-secondary and more than 700 high school students.

Mark Schaunaman
Mark Schaunaman has over 35 years in the construction industry as an Operating Engineer. Possessing a master’s degree in Labor Administration, Mark is President of South Florida Building & Construction Trades Council, representing construction trades in the South Florida area. He is currently Chairman of the South Florida and West Coast Florida Operating Engineers Apprentice & Training Funds.

Mason Jackson
Mason Jackson has been the President/CEO of CareerSource Broward, formerly known as WorkforceOne Employment Solutions for the past 32 years.

Matt Rocco
President of the South Florida Manufacturing Association, Matthew’s experience spans more than 10 years in the corporate arena and higher education.


Heiko Dobrikow
Heiko is Executive Vice President at the Las Olas Company and General Manager of the Riverside Hotel. He is a seasoned hotelier of over 30 years and business professional with extensive experience in all areas of property & asset management.

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