12/07/17 : Homelessness! ‘Tis the season: what are we doing about it?

Homelessness! ‘Tis the season: what are we doing about it?

“While the county is under no constitutional or legal mandate to provide services to the homeless, I believe there is a moral mandate to do so. Broward County has and will continue to take a leadership role in addressing homelessness; but a collective effort, including financial commitments from our 31 municipalities and other partners, is essential to success. Collaboration and coordination with our municipalities, the business community, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, and social service agencies is critical to ending homelessness in Broward County.”

-Nan Rich (Broward County commissioner and member of the Broward County Homeless Continuum of Care Board)

As the holidays draw closer and we reconfirm our moral mandates, we’re far from eradicating the issues surrounding homelessness. Join our panel of key players in the Broward Homelessness arena as we discuss what the latest obstacles and solutions face our county, what progress we have made, and how you can help.


Debbie Perry
Debbie Perry is Henderson Behavioral Health’s Housing Administrator. In her role, she oversees a variety of housing options including Residential Treatment, Homeless Emergency Shelter services and multiple Permanent Supportive Housing options. Henderson has been the leader in the provision of behavioral health services to homeless persons in our community since 1986. She is committed to expanding housing options to those with behavioral health conditions.

Fran Esposito
Ms Esposito’s entry into the field of homelessness started in 1990. She has been for many years, and is currently, Chief Executive Officer of the Broward Partnership.

Under Ms. Esposito’s forward-thinking leadership, the Partnership has made a difference in the lives of more than 22,800 individuals and families experiencing homelessness and had a significant impact in improving the overall quality of life for all residents of Broward County.

Michael Wright
Michael Wright, MPA is the Administrator of the Broward County Homeless Initiative Partnership (HIP); lead agency for Broward County’s Homeless Continuum of Care Program, “A Way Home” Strategic Plan to End Homelessness. Mr. Wright is also the Broward Continuum of Care Board Coordinator. Mr. Wright is facilitating the community’s efforts to realign Broward’s Homeless Continuum of Care to end homelessness as envisioned in the HEARTH Act. In addition to his experience leading the HIP Section since July 2010, his background includes sixteen years’ experience in Human Services activities, administration including Community Development and procurement of homeless services and private sector banking and finance.


Hon. Nan Rich.
Commissioner Rich serves on the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, following a long and distinguished career in the Florida Senate and House of Representatives.She has passionately advocated for and championed educational, children’s and homelessness causes among many others, on behalf of the Broward County community.

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