1/7/16 Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?

Two things seem pretty certain – our region is growing and the sea level is rising. Both of these influences will affect our water supply and force us to make critical decisions soon in order to have a sustainable future. Join us as our engaging, experienced and articulate panel wade through this most important issue.


Phil Purcell, Marine Industries Association of South Florida

Philip Purcell is the executive director of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida. The MIASF promoting advocacy and professionalism works on behalf of the marine industry and its 7 billion dollar plus impact to South Florida with 90,000 plus jobs.

Ron Bergeron, Bergeron Land Development

One of the most successful and largest site development & roadway contractors in Florida, currently serving as a Commissioner for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and is the Florida Wildlife Conservation Point Commissioner over the entire Florida Everglades. 

Ernie Barnett, The Florida Land Council

Ernie Barnett is the Exec Dir of The Florida Land Council (19 Principal Members who own over 3 million acres of land located throughout Florida), formed in 1985 for the purpose of protecting the asset value of members’ landholdings. Ernie is also the Director of Water and Land Advisors, Inc., an environmental consulting firm specializing in Florida water supply, water quality and environmental issues. 


Sam Poole, Berger Singerman

Sam Poole has over 25 years extensive experience in planning and zoning in the development and redevelopment of Florida’s cities, for both private and public sector clients. Sam has prepared comprehensive plans, plan amendments, and land use codes enabling development of conventional as well as mixed use new urbanism projects from towns to neighborhoods to individual buildings.


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