Stephanie Fortune bio

Stephanie Fortune is a young professional, 23, of African American Haitian descent, one of 13 siblings, born and raised in Miami.  Her Dad abandoned her family when she was at age 7.  Sports was her outlet, and she remembers a childhood of walking constantly to find places to eat and sleep, including churches. Her mother eventually died, and her older siblings assumed responsibility for the others.  Their deadbeat  father was tracked down eventually and was angry for having to take on any burden of responsibility. Living in danger and a struggle for survival was the norm for her family and the community they lived in.  Having to face danger – whether from law enforcement or the community – on a daily basis, presents a constant challenge to stay above it all and keep away from trouble.  The media, music, and other influences glamorize destructive behaviors and lifestyle. The media also fans the flame of fear in the community.  How, facing the future of having children, Stephanie feels there is a right way – and wrong way – to do things and react to injustice.  “We can plant seeds where we can,” she advises, “If protests raise awareness, then that is a good thing. But there is a difference between a protest march and a riot.”  Stephanie is an example of overcoming adversity and faces the reality of her experience with clarity of consciousness and will set the tone for the panel of speakers.  

Niroc Consultants Inc. is very happy to have Stephanie Fortune join their team with a focus on Client Development. A recent Graduate of FAU, Stephanie graduated “Cum Laude”, receiving a BBA, with minor studies of Business Law and Economics. Upon receiving her degree, she endeavored into the business world, more specifically Software and Technology. After a little less than a year she could no longer deny the fact that her passion truly was in consulting and human capital and the HR arena.

Adam Corin, the owner of Niroc Consultants was introduced to Stephanie after she was recognized as a HANDY Scholar in 2015 and remained in contact through their work for HANDY. Since her graduation, Stephanie, wanting to give back to HANDY became a committee member of the HANDY Scholars Breakfast Committee, their largest fund raising effort annually, as well as joining the Development Committee. Stephanie is also the Co-Chair of the HANDY Alumni Committee.

Niroc Consultants Inc. was the perfect fit for her. Stephanie says her goal is to “use this platform to positively impact the lives of others, learning a great deal from Adam Corin, and constantly challenging myself to be the best version of me.”