Sandra Veszi Einhorn bio

Sandra Veszi Einhorn

Title and Company:
Executive director, The Coordinating Council of Broward


P.O. Box 4640, Fort Lauderdale 33338

(754) 224-0054

Los Angeles

Bachelor’s degree, interpersonal communications, University of Central Florida

Fun Fact:
She speaks fluent Hungarian and is known for making creative and delicious desserts that look nothing like the pictures on Pinterest.

To Sandra Veszi Einhorn, the role of influential businesswoman is a two-way street. It has to be, as the head of an organization that impacts both her local community and the county at large. It’s a responsibility she embraces as others “look to [me] for leadership and consensus building.”

Success and influence come from “learning from others, building enough self-awareness to know who I am and how to harness that into doing good and wanting to be a good role model for my family,” she says.

Getting to her professional station, Veszi Einhorn has relied on her parents, husband, children, “every boss I have ever had, and the countless friends, mentors and colleagues that I have been lucky enough to learn from over the years.”

Last year was a transformative, “rock star year” for Veszi Einhorn and the organization. They drove housing issues, saw some of her writings cited in news articles, and played a part in a county ordinance being updated.

“This past year, my efforts have brought about change that impacts so many others,” she says, “and that is a great feeling.”

In all, Veszi Einhorn lives life with what she calls her “attitude of gratitude.”

“Whether it’s neighbors calling on me to help them make a change at our local park or being able to raise money and awareness for important causes,” she says, “it is important to me to give back to the community that I have called home for the majority of my life.”