Recommended resource reference links re Race & Racism


Excellent paper by Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic on economic, as well as moral, rationale for abolishing systemic racism.

A good introduction of a theoretical understanding of institutionalized, systemic and personal racism.

A brief description of REI’s Groundwater Approach, which has been and will be offered in Broward to leaders.

Helpful “Pocket Guide” to rebuttals for racist talking points

Since we in Broward have aquatics all around us, and since the incident at Carter Park Pool is being publicly discussed, this might be an area of interest.  A member of the Senior Leadership lives in Broward.

The email for the newly formed Broward County Equity and Community Investment;  Suzanne Bundy is the director of this effort.  They will be hosting the REI two day Dismantling Racism workshops and the Groundwater Approach workshops which help develop anti-racists participants and leaders.  The trainings are open to all, but on a reservations basis. 

For anti-racist work in areas involving children, the Children’s Services Council of Broward County is very involved and provides trainings and engagement opportunities.  Fourm members can visit them online and sign up for their weekly blast e-newsletter which they can sign up for at, “stay connected.”

The Justice Project of South Florida. They are a Broward based association of volunteers from community service agencies and many law enforcement agencies.  They use Restorative Justice Peace Circles to facilitate open, frank, honest communication between youth, and in particular youth of color, and police.  Their peace circles over the last four years have been transformational for youth and for police officers.

Additional reading material of note:

  • Caste “The Origins of Our Discontent” – Isabel Wilkerson
  • Black Labor White Wealth “ The Search for Power and Economic Justice” – Claude Anderson, Ed.D.
  • Richard Rothstein. The Color of Law: The Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. Liveright (May 2017)
  • The release of the report State of Black America: