Is Big Brother Watching You?

3/4/21   Video Click here


If you think it’s simply a question of cameras on street corners, you have not been paying attention. Most assuredly, law enforcement has made great strides in enhancing community safety and expanding its investigative capabilities in our behalf, all the while preserving our freedoms.

But the question always arises: to what degree do we give up our freedoms for the common good?

What are the positive goals of this developing technology? How do you assess the benefits for  us?

Join our experts in a lively and provocative discussion to weigh in on  the pros and cons of surveillance.

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Chief Ross Licata – Chief Licata is head of the City of Lighthouse Point Police Dept. since 2003.

Capt. Michael Riggio – Capt. Riggio heads the Threat Management Division of the Department of Investigations in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.See Searching for Signs: New BSO unit aims to help prevent mass shootings


Chief Paul O’Connell – Chief O’Connell heads the City of Wilton Manors Police Dept. since 2011.