11/01/18 : Human Trafficking in Florida: Why?

Human Trafficking in Florida: Why?

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry affecting millions worldwide; no industry or country is immune from this problem.

The state of Florida ranked third in the United States for the number of active criminal human trafficking cases in the federal court system last year, according to data released recently by the Human Trafficking Institute.

They come from places like Vietnam, China, Mexico and Guatemala, lured by promises of better-paying jobs and legal immigration. Instead, they’re smuggled into the U.S., forced to work around the clock in the sex industry, in the farming/agriculture industry, and in hotels, restaurants, bars and food trucks as bus/wait staff/cooks, housed in cramped living quarters, a form of modern slavery.

Our experienced and articulate panel spells out why and how we are victims of this pervasive onslaught on our shores.


Katina Hernandez SA
Katina Hernandez is a Special Agent of the Department of Homeland Security / Homeland Security Investigations assigned to HSI Miami to the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force and is also the Outreach Coordinator.

Lindsey Norris, Regional Director with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, a key player in the anti-Human Trafficking effort.

Laura Cusack, MSW, Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Coordinator at Place of Hope.

Cinthia Sosa, M.S.C.J., 12 years of experience at the local, state, and federal law enforcement levels; Cinthia Sosa is now with the Miami Division of the FBI, as a Victim Specialist.


Jumorrow-Terra Johnson, a certified Victim Services Practitioner for the State of Florida, has 20+ years experience in the Criminal Justice/Social Service arena. She is President of the Broward  Human Trafficking Coalition and Program Manager with the Children’s Services Council of Broward

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