Parkland’s Tall Order: Enough REACTIVE – Let’s get PROACTIVE, with sanity, civility – and common sense


Recent Parkland events spurned multiple areas of concern, driven by a desire to prevent similar tragedies from ever occurring. Pros and cons aside, they all reflect some acknowledgement that to some degree, we must relinquish some personal freedoms and individual rights for the common good. But at what price?

How much are we willing to give up for more safety and security? Where is the balance? This discussion looks to weigh the risks on all sides.

Our experienced and respected panel has been charged with:
     -creating realistic building blocks for increasing safety
     -finding points that can encourage compromise and consensus
     -preserving individual freedoms

Hon. Ted Deutch     Congressman Ted Deutch, 48, is serving his third term in the U.S. House of Representatives on behalf of Florida’s 21st district, which includes South Florida communities throughout Palm Beach County and Broward County.
Hon. George Moraitis, Jr.     Representative Moraitis is presently serving as State Representative for District 93, having been elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2010. 


Todd Stone is a practising attorney in Broward, and has served on numerous boards of directors in South Florida. Among other things, he is a skilled and experienced facilitator and consensus builder.



Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center          

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