6/1/17 Reality Check: 4th Annual – Press Panel State Legislative Session Recap & Analysis

Fourth Annual Recap & Analysis of Legislative Session 2016-17

Florida lawmakers failed to agree on gambling, gun rights and medical marijuana in a session where only 211 bills were passed – the fewest in at least 20 years.

Though there were some issues resolved in education funding, Lake Okeechobee reservoir consideration, Florida’s death penalty law, and making it easier to buy liquor in the grocery store, Governor Rick Scott’s priorities have been largely left behind. Though silent thus far on his veto power, he has said it is an option.

Join our panel of political experts as they give us a perspective of this past year and of things to come.


Steve Bousquet, Tallahassee Bureau Chief, Tampa Bay Times
Dara Kam, Senior Reporter, The News Service of Florida
Dan  Sweeney, Reporter, Sun Sentinel


Justin Sayfie, Sayfie Review.com

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