What is the role of Charter Schools in the future of education in Broward County?


Charter schools are part of the public school system and must be approved by the school board to open. They compete with traditional public schools for students and for funding. There are currently 95 charter schools and 229 public schools and education centers in Broward County.

Do charter schools or traditional schools provide a better education? What is the difference in the academic performance of students? Is a student more likely to graduate from a charter school or a public school?

Should education dollars be spent on charter schools or would they be more beneficial if they supported improvements in the public schools? Currently, there is relatively little oversight in the fiscal management and course of charters.

What common grounds are there for improvement to our educational delivery? You’ll want to hear all points at the May Tower Forum discussion!


Jon Hage, Pres., Charter Schools USA

Robert Runcie, Superintendant, Broward County Public Schools

MODERATOR:       J.David Armstrong, President, Broward College

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