BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: A Conversation with Bob Graham, former U.S. Senator and Florida Governor


The Tower Forum welcomes Senator Bob Graham, a hugely popular and experienced public servant, and one of the most accomplished politicians in Florida’s history. First a state legislator, then governor and finally a three-term U.S. Senator, Graham has had a role in nearly every major public policy issue in modern Florida’s history.

After serving on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and chairing the House-Senate Joint inquiry into the intelligence community’s failure prior to 9/11, Senator Graham authored “Intelligence Matters: The CIA, the FBI, Saudi Arabia, and the Failure of America’s War on Terror” a controversial report that reveals faults in America’s national security network.

Senator Graham will share his candid insights and thoughtful views on new developments in the Middle East, the state of the two major parties as the 2016 election nears, current challenges to Florida’s natural resources, and the race for governor.


Kingsley Guy, Columnist, Sun Sentinel. A keen observer and a good listener, Guy is a former Sun Sentinel editorial page editor and was a member of the Sun Sentinel staff for more than 30 years. He retired in 2006 and currently writes an opinion column for the newspaper.

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