Will Greater Fort Lauderdale Win the War for Good Jobs?

June 6, 2013

The global competition for the creation of good jobs will determine the leader of the free world. In each city across the U.S., business leaders are being challenged to produce the best jobs, because they know that cities that have good jobs are the ones that will win. According to author Jim Clifton of The Coming Jobs War, “All prosperous communities have a group of talented individuals influencing them and guiding them – whether going after a corporate headquarters, a new technology firm or a world-class cultural or sports venue.”

Hear first-hand what three prominent Broward County CEOs are doing to bring jobs to our region. Learn how Greater Fort Lauderdale can succeed in the global fight for good jobs. Does the jobs war keep our city leaders up at night? You bet it does.


Keith Koenig, President, City Furniture
Terry Stiles, CEO, Stiles
Scott Verner, President and CEO, Nipro Diagnostics


Bob Swindell, President & CEO
Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance

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