Nasty Politics: Do 527 Groups deserve the reputation for unduly influencing voters through a last minute negative media blitz?

Oct. 7, 2010

The “527” committees, also known as the “527” political groups or just the “527” groups, are products of a loophole carved in Section 527 of the Inte
rnal Revenue Code
 which covers political organizations. Under federal election law, members of Congress may raise only limited amounts of ‘hard money’ for their own campaign committees or ‘leadership PACs’ which aid other candidates. They may accept no contributions of more than $1,000 per election from an individual and $5,000 per election from a political action committee (PAC). But if they set up a politician 527, members of Congress can raise unlimited soft money from individuals, corporations and unions.


Judith Stern, Judith Stern Consultants
Ms Stern has represented and represents numerous political officials and candidates.

Jim Kane, editor and chief pollster of the Florida Voter
He is one of South Florida’s premier pollsters and political strategists, appearing regularly on national television and in the national print media.

Gary Gershman, Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Gershman is an Associate Professor of Legal Studies and History, and the current chair of the Legal Studies program at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences at Nova Southeastern University.