Is the public sector pension system in Broward and Florida fair to taxpayers in light of changing economic times and public deficits?

January 6, 2011

So far, the national pension reform wave hasn’t washed over Florida, where state and local taxpayers pour in more than $3 billion a year to fund public retirement benefits. But with the state facing another multibillion-dollar budget gap, with many local governments struggling to balance their budgets, and with basic services still on the chopping block, lawmakers can’t responsibly ignore benefits that are more often generous than other states’ or private companies. Expert panelists offer pros and cons of legislative action.

MODERATOR: Michael Mayo, Sun-Sentinel


Raymond T. Edmondson
CEO, Florida Public Pension Trust Association

Dominic Calabro
CEO, Florida TaxWatch
Dominic M. Calabro is President and CEO of Florida TaxWatch, a statewide, non-profit, non-partisan government watchdog and research institute for taxpayers. Florida TaxWatch was founded in 1979 to improve government productivity, taxpayer value, and citizen understanding and encourage responsible participation by Floridians in their state and local governments.

Mark McCormick
CEO, Gulfstream Capital Holdings
GCH is the parent company for the Gulfstream Media Group and Mirabel Technologies. He also is active in The Broward Workshop, a CEO council of Broward County’s leading businesses, and a participant in their recent Pension Report.

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