A Multi-Modal Transportation System: How do we get there?

Nov. 5, 2009

One of the most problematic issues plaguing Broward County is the gap between road-clogging traffic and untapped opportunities to enhance transportation choices. Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Florida Department of Transportation, South Florida Regional Transportation Authority and Tri-Rail are exploring ways to create and fund a multi-modal transportation system, but integrated solutions have been elusive. Join the Tower Forum as four local transportation experts assess the latest research and recommendations on improving our public transportation system. Pamela Adams, President/CEO of Adams Consulting Group and Public Information Coordinator for the Broward Metropolitan Organization 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan, is the program moderator.


Hon. Stacy Ritter, Mayor, Broward County is a member of the National Association of Counties Transportation Steering Committee. One of her top goals as mayor is to gain access to the Florida East Coast railroad corridor to develop a downtown commuter rail service network. Zafar Alikhan, Transit Group Manager at Jacobs Engineering Group is a civil engineer and urban planner with both national and international experience working on large infrastructure programs.

Michael Madfis, Officer of The Madfis Group, an architectural and land planning firm, has worked on more than 2,000 design projects in Broward County and was the past chair of the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Transportation Management Association Advisory and Executive Boards.

Charles Ladd, President and Principal of Barron Real Estate, Inc. is a developer, leasing agent and contractor for Amera’s projects. He serves on the Downtown Development Authority and Riverwalk Trust boards.


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