11-3-22 – The Politicization Of Leading The Executive Branch Of Government

November 3, 2022 at 7:30 am

At Tower Club One Financial Plaza, 28th floor 100 S.E. Third Ave. Fort Lauderdale

The Politicization of Leading the Executive Branch of Government

For all the good words about taking actions that protect and benefit the citizens of the nation and the state of Florida, executive orders and actions are surrounded by controversy and confusion. Why is that? This forum will address those questions and more. What they are and what they are not. The panel will also provide insights about the orders and privileges of the executive branch of our state and federal government. And we will hear directly from people who have been impacted positively and negatively from their use.

The President and the Governors of the states are responsible for the executive branch of government by implementing laws and overseeing the administration of the executive branch. A very common presidential / gubernatorial document is the executive order. There have been 13731 written since George Washington was President of the United States, and most states have hundreds written each year. While they are written signed, numbered and published directives from the executive to get something started or done, many of them come under constant scrutiny. Executive orders are not legislation, do not require approval from Congress or legislatures, nor can the legislative branch overturn them. They are sometimes challenged in the courts because they are alleged to overstep a boundary or encroach on the legislative branch’s responsibilities and powers. As we’ve seen recently, the preparation, response, and recovery from the disaster caused by Hurricane Ian is a significant responsibility. Similarly, the executive order providing guidance regarding cybersecurity threats is another.

A.J. Yolofsky

Founder & Attorney

Ryan C. Shrouder, ESQ.


Lacey Hofmeyer

General Counsel And Vice President Of Public Policy And Government Affairs(Moderator)

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