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Portfolio Services, Broward County Public Schools
Portfolio Services
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Leslie Brown, Chief Officer

• Portfolio Services is one of nine divisions in Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) dedicated to providing high quality instruction, continuous improvement and effective communication to the sixth largest school district in the United States. Our services support over 270,000 public school students and their families.
Portfolio Services includes seven different support services to 234 different schools as well as to all of the district level departments. These support systems include Demographics and Student Assignment, Real Estate and Facility Management, Class Size Reduction Support, Before and After School Child Care, Innovative, Magnet and Venture Design Programs, Charter School Management and Support as well as Student Athletics and Student Activities. Our team is recognized as a national leader in school choice managing over 67 magnet programs, 44 Innovative programs as well as 93 charter schools in our district with award winning programs for high quality instruction.
We are also responsible for all of the student assignment processes, boundaries, student demographics and student reassignments through continuously improving processes to support creating the best match for families and students in each school. BCPS is the largest property owner in Broward County, as such our team also organizes and supports all of the real estate and facility management for the entire school district. Through effective communication and collaboration with 31 local municipalities, facility management support cooperatively engages in meeting many educational needs as well as community needs with always putting the student first.
As a part of the portfolio of services provided, our team also manages and supports the Before Care and After Child Care Programs providing high quality child care and educational services to over 25,000 students daily from 2 – 6 PM, not unlike running small school district every day. Additional services include providing over 48,000 athletes with high quality experiences as well as managing the student activities, clubs and student government for 238 schools that extends the academic engagement into commitment, significant volunteers hours, pride and service to support each school and community.
All of this work involves significant data analytics in student demographics and facility usage, before, during and after school hours, for the entire district as well as managing every actual classroom and sections in the master schedule for each school as the district moves closer to meeting class size regulations. These data and the application of continuous improvement strategies, drive important decision making processes and timelines across the district.
Portfolio Services do not end at our traditional district schools, the support and management is also extended to our charter schools by providing continuous improvement, monitoring, contract support, renewals as well as legislative action. Through serving ninety-nine charter schools and over 45,000 students our collaborative work has solidified high quality charter schools that are meeting rigorous instructional standards for students and culled ineffective, non-quality charter schools from our portfolio of schools.
Through the tremendous support of our excellence driven Superintendent and School Board Members, the collaborative work of the Portfolio Services team alongside our peers across divisions, we have begun to turn the needle towards parental interest in more of our schools, redesigned traditional schools into models of community engagement and educational excellence, successfully shifted class size penalties into resources, moved ineffective real estate resources into liquid capital assets, highly engaged community members in tough decision making, resourced specialized programs through significant grant awards as well as provided safe resource rich environments for students beyond the school day.
Our work continues. Through a performance management lens and project management tools, each department in this division manages, monitors and applies continuous improvement methodologies to increase resources and opportunities for our schools students and parents.