Kathleen O’Leary, Ph.D. bio

Dr. Kathleen O’Leary

Associate Professor of Marketing, NSU H.Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship



2003 – Ph.D. – Marketing – Doctorate – Florida Atlantic University 
1988 – MBA – Marketing – Masters – Pace University 
1976 – BA – Communications – Bachelors – Penn State University


Area of Speciality or Primary Teaching Area

Internet marketing, managerial marketing, international marketing and buyer behavior.


Dr. Kathleen (Bay) O’Leary joined the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship as an Associate Professor of Marketing in January, 2008. After receiving her Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University in 2003, she taught at Barry University in North Miami. Bay teaches mainly at the graduate level. 

Dr. O’Leary has many professional publications. Her main area of research focuses on branding. Dr. O’Leary’s teaching experience includes Internet marketing, managerial marketing, international marketing and buyer behavior. 

Her teaching philosophy of incorporating real business experience into the classroom is evident in her courses. She believes that learning and experience go hand in hand. From her own years in the marketing industry, she draws on real issues that arise in marketing.

Conference Presentations

Miami’s Modern District: A Case Study of Place Marketing Narratives , Society for Marketing Advances, 2016, Atlanta

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My Kingdom for Five Stars; Incentivized Customer Reviews, Academy of Marketing Science, 2016, Paris, France

“Social Marketing and Distracted Driving Behaviors Among Young Adults: The Effectiveness of Fear Appeals” , Allied Academics International Conference, 2010, New Orleans, LA

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