Dr. Mimi Graham bio

Dr. Mimi Graham Biographical Sketch


Since 1993, Dr. Mimi Graham has served as Director of the Florida State University Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy providing leadership to promote public policy during the critical period from pregnancy to age 3 known as The First 1000 Days of Life.  She co-authored the widely-used FSU Partners for A Healthy Baby Home Visiting curricular series translating research into practical use with families and authored the book: Finding the Gold Within:  Overcoming Adversity to Create A Happy Life. She oversees a multidisciplinary team with a national reputation for excellence in child welfare, maternal health, early intervention, juvenile justice, teen mothers & early learning.


She is co-founder of the Florida Association for Infant Mental Health in 2002 and built a professional development network in Florida and integrated infant mental health across systems.  As a member of the Florida Supreme Court Committee on Children, she created partnerships to create Florida’s Early Childhood Court Initiative to break the multigenerational cycle of abuse.  She was invited to teach trauma and “baby court as visiting professor to the China University Political Science & Law.  Most recently, she compiled a Showcase of Florida’s Cutting-Edge Trauma Initiatives and spearheaded a Think Tank of state and community leaders toward creating a trauma informed state.  She is a Fellow of Zero to Three.