Dave Hyde bio

Since 1990, Sun Sentinel sports columnist Dave Hyde has seen you through the good and bad of South Florida sports. From the births of the Florida Marlins and the Florida Panthers in the early ’90s to the Miami Heat’s back-to-back championships, sure as the sun rises, Hyde has been there to cover them. Before Twitter and Facebook dominated up-to-the-second sports news, Hyde’s columns in your morning paper provided your daily fix of sports tidbits. The way you consume sports news may have drastically changed over the past 24 years, but Hyde is still the supplier. Reading his columns is actually comforting: You feel like he understands where the local fan sits on certain issues, because you’ve grown up together in this market. In a place where almost everyone is a transplant, only a few things feel homegrown in South Florida. Dave Hyde’s Sun Sentinel sports coverage is one.