Colin Polsky bio

Dr. Colin Polsky is Professor of Geosciences, and Director of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies, at Florida Atlantic University. 

The vision of CES is to improve Florida’s sustainability through research, education and outreach on wetlands ecology and coastal resilience.

Dr. Polsky specializes in the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. His training and experience at the University of Texas, Penn State, Harvard, Clark, and FAU center on advancing knowledge of U.S. climate vulnerabilities, in both methodological and applied terms. 

As part of several inter-disciplinary teams, Polsky has received NSF & other grants totaling ~$18M. He has published ~50 articles and book chapters, including for the 2013 & 2017 National Climate Assessments, and has served on several national scientific review committees. 

Polsky’s leadership efforts include 4 years as Associate Dean and Center Director. These experiences emphasize program-building, fund-raising; staffing, and communicating. 

Colin Polsky, PhD
Director, Center for Environmental Studies
Florida Atlantic University