Ballot Language Manipulators

Just say no: because it is easier to get people to vote against something than for something, or tearing down an idea is easier than engaging in positive dialogue for something, framers of measures may subtly sway your vote.

Unintended consequences: One of the easiest ways to erode support for a measure is to show that it will create a result that people would never want.

Taxes and fees:  Simply using the word tax makes a measure harder to pass.

Long and Confusing Wording: The longer the wording, the more it will seem like someone is trying to hide taxes, fees or unintended consequences.

When a Yes Means a No: Depending on how a question is put on the ballot, a measure can become confusing when a no vote is turned into a yes vote, or the reverse.

Bundling multiple, unrelated proposals on the same vote: forcing you to vote yes for a measure you support, but that also contains a proposal on which you’d vote no if it were by itself.