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Summer 2020 Series on Race & Racism

10/29/20 Mid-East Perspectives

11/19/20 CEO Roundtable: How can we reinvent ourselves Post-Covid19?

12/17/20 Cybersecurity: The illusion of the privacy, security, and confidentiality of web transactions

1/7/21 Vaccines: Not a Silver Bullet

2/4/21  Coping with Covid19 & Mental Health

3/4/21   Surveillance: Is Big Brother Watching You?

4/1/21   Broward County Extraordinary Global Hub of Marine Science

5/6/21   Cancel Culture: Is this popular phenomenon ripping apart the very fabric of democracy?

6/3/21   8th Annual Reality Check: Press Corps Recap/analysis of the Florida State Legislative Session 2021


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Over or Under?

Crossing the New River

Bridge or Tunnel? How high the bridge? Can a tunnel be successfully constructed in that area given the geotechnics of the region?

What is the most effective solution to increase capacity and alleviate congestion in the Transportation system?

How long will it take to complete? How much will it cost?

What is the source of funding? What are the ongoing maintenance issues and costs? 

There are as many questions as there are positions and stakeholders about this question.  There is agreement that the current situation is untenable; something must be done and ’no build is not a solution’.  This is a project of regional significance. While the final decision about what will eventually be has yet to be made, after hearing reports from several stakeholders and agencies, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission recently voted unanimously in favor of the tunnel solution.

This Forum will provide some of the latest information and discussion that hopes to address the above questions.

We welcome you to be present for this Tower Forum discussion.

Thursday 02/03/22

  7:30 AM

at Tower Club
One Financial Plaza, 28th floor
100 S.E. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale

Sponsored by:

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President of Tower Forum 2021-22
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Jeff Wolfe, Patrick Harris, Hon. Susan Alspector, Lee Feldman

Steve Einhorn, Bianca Moreiras, Marty Kurtz

Art Pollack, Gerry Angeli, Teri Goldsmith,
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